our tejano STORY



We are a couple of local guys that share a passion for good old fashioned hospitality. Having worked together in the past developing new bars and restaurants and with the collective industry experience of over 40 years we know when we see potential in a space... and this is it. The Corner block of 1009 Old Princess Highway has all the right attributes for a killer neighbourhood Tex Mex joint and we can't wait to have you in for a dining experience that you wont forget. 

We also understand the pressures of day to day family life and aim to create a suburban oasis that offers delicious food, quality drinks and a comfortable space for the whole family. 

Why Tejano Culture?

Originally, native American Indians described the area now Texas as “Tejas” meaning friends. Tejano, now loosely put, describes Texan people of Mexican descent. More broadly, it represents a wonderful combination of culture through food and drink, varied and unique music plus bright, bold colours; all celebrating a fun and vibrant culture we were drawn to.. 

As much as we love traditional Tejano food, we couldn't overlook our part American heritage and the delicious southern comfort food that goes with it.